Legal information

Business name: Bodegas San Valero S. Coop.
Listed in the Cooperative Register with the number 50Z/560
Tax ID number (CIF): : F50011048
Bodegas San Valero S. Coop.
Ctra. N-330 km.450
50400 Cariñena (España)
E-mail address:

Privacy Policy

BODEGAS SAN VALERO S.Coop.(henceforth BODEGAS SAN VALERO) considers as a basic objective to guarantee the privacy and confidentiality of personal information collected from their users through any system that allows data transmission, and expresses its commitment to comply with the regulations established in the Organic Law 15/1999 of 13th December on the Protection of Personal Data (BOE 14/12/1999).

1. File ownership

BODEGAS SAN VALERO, company incorporated in Spain, residing at Cariñena (Zaragoza ), carretera Zaragoza a Valencia km.46 , Postal Code 50400, with CIF F 50011048 , is the owner of the files with personal data and is responsible for the treatment of data collected.

2. Data quality

Personal data forming part of BODEGAS SAN VALERO files are appropriate, relevant and essential for the purpose they are collected. BODEGAS SAN VALERO guarantees the technical and organizational measures to ensure the security and integrity of personal data, avoiding its alteration, loss, or unauthorized access, given the state of technology, the nature of the stored data, and the risks they are exposed to, whether from human action or from physical or natural environment.

3. Purpose of data

The collection and processing of Personal Data aims at: – Maintaining the contractual relationship established between data owner and BODEGAS SAN VALERO. – The execution, maintenance and management of any relationship between BODEGAS SAN VALERO and data owners: commercial, administrative, accounting, labour, marketing, human resources related, educational, and any other provision of services requested to BODEGAS SAN VALERO by the data owner. – Delivery of technical, operational, advertising and promotional information, related to BODEGAS SAN VALERO services, as well as the delivery of survey questionnaires. -The data processing for statistical, historical or scientific purposes. In any case data will be used for other purposes than those for which they were collected.

4. Duty of disclosure and affected persons consent

The owners of data contained in BODEGAS SAN VALERO files accept explicitly, precisely and unequivocally – That their data is stored in a file owned by BODEGAS SAN VALERO, aimed at maintaining relationships discussed above, being appropriate, relevant and necessary for the purpose it was collected, and therefore they consent its treatment.

5. Transfer of data

BODEGAS SAN VALERO shall not report your personal information to any third party unless such disclosure is intended to fulfil the purposes directly related to the legitimate functions of the assignor and the assignee, or the Contractor has given its consent to such effects or when the assignment is authorized by any law.

6. Right of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of data

The user may at any time exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of their data by addressing BODEGAS SAN VALERO – Carretera Zaragoza a Valencia, km. 46- 50400 , Cariñena. Zaragoza (España). As it is not expressly stated herein, BODEGAS SAN VALERO is subjected to the provisions of law on the subject.